People can and do change!

I’m sitting here thinking back on a couple of conversations I have had over time. Parole… Something you would think any incarcerated man or woman who has served their time, not caused problems, and even gone above and beyond to better themselves… And believe me not all do… Now you would think parole would be easy to get. After all, as I stated in my last post, prison is the punishment…. It is not where one goes to be punished. But think about this. Not only are most inmates further punished, they are kept well beyond when they should be and the parole board’s reasoning never fails to fall back to the severity if the crime.. In effect creating a situation of double jeopardy. An individual is given their prison sentence based on the severity of their crime. How is it logical to continue to hold and re-punish someone on something that never changes? The severity if the crime will never change but the person who committed the crime can.. Society need only give those who have shown the initiative and desire for a better life a chance.


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