Today I heard from two of my friends…It can be so hard when I know they are going through so much. I know that every day is a struggle for every one of them. But both of them know that I have been going through a really rough time lately and that things have been really sad in my house…And today I got a smile when Tommy called stressed and needing to talk. When he heard that I was upset and not doing well, he told me that he just didn’t want to think about his problems he wanted to make sure that he made me smile.

I relate this story because I want people to know that not everyone that is incarcerated is a monster. They are human beings that care about others just like any other person. Just human beings who have made mistakes….again like any other person. They have families and friends that love them, and that they love.

The DOC doesn’t make things easy for their families. It’s expensive to keep in contact with our loved ones, to visit our loved ones, and to take care of our loved ones. And often when we do visit we are treated as if we are the ones who did something wrong.

It makes me mad when I hear how easy people in prison have it. It’s not easy at all. Not for them, not for any of us. We just try to make it day by day one smile at a time.


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