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A word or two from our sponsor…

Every day, I talk to Cortez, the man whom I represent by writing this blog, and I am so excited to be able to tell him tomorrow that I got this started. Why a blog? There are so many misconceptions out there about what prison is, who inmates are and how and why they got where they are.

I have been on all sides of the system. I have been an intern, an employee, I’ve been in the shoes of a corrections officer doing straight security and I’ve done counseling…much more counseling. And then the script got flipped and I became the loved one of someone who was behind the walls….then it was a couple of people, and now I have quite a few people behind the walls that I love very dearly.

What we hope that you will take away from my writings is first, having gotten know someone you wouldn’t have otherwise. Second you will learn something about the prison system that will perhaps open your mind and your heart to what those who are incarcerated need the most, a second chance, even if that just means having people in this world that believe in them.

I was told very early on in this journey that I would run into two types of people…those who were interested in really interested in changing their lives and those who would come ou just a smarter criminal. Their is a difference and you can tell. Those who have spent the time improving their lives and trying to make a difference  so they will never have to go back again.

We as a society need to make that possible for them, not lump everyone into one category and make assumptions about who people are and what they could and might do in the future.

The truth of the matter is…we are all capable of making mistakes. Do you want to be persecuted for the rest of your life for yours? Prison IS the punishment. Once released the debt to society is paid, and we owe people a chance to get back on their feet, otherwise recidivism is our own fault.